Saturday, June 22, 2013

Six More Ezines Seeking Submissions

Still looking for somewhere to submit your work? Here are six more ezines that are seeking fiction submissions.

The Future Fire ( is looking for social-political and progressive speculative fiction. Accepts submissions up to about 10k words. Particularly interested in feminist, LBGT, multicultural themes. Pays $20 for fiction, $10 for poems.

Quantum Muse ( publishes science fiction, fantasy, and alterative (cross-genre) writing and artwork. Does not accept poetry. Does not pay authors, but does have an online “tip jar” where you might make a tiny bit of cash if your readers are feeling generous. Must register on the site and critique others’ stories to earn submission credits. Accepts stories up to 8k words, possibly longer for serial works.

Anotherealm ( is a free monthly magazine that features science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Stories must fall into the listed categories. Accepts stories up to 5k words, sometimes has contests and flash fiction with 1k limit. Pays $25. There can be a delay of up to a year before a story is published, so not your best bet if you want quick publishing credits.

Pif Magazine ( publishes mainly fiction, poetry, and author interviews, but considers some other types of works. Prefers unpublished work; no simultaneous submissions.

3AM ( is “a loose, eclectic forum for literary upstarts, degenerates and loose cannons.” Seeking fiction, criticism, and politics; generally does not publish genre fiction. Accepts submissions up to 3k words. Prefers unpublished works.

Vestal Review ( specializes in flash fiction, and only accepts works up to 500 words. Publishes a printed edition twice a year in addition to online. Reading periods for submissions are Feb-May and Aug-Nov. Only accepts unpublished work. Pays 0.03-0.10/word depending on length (max $25) plus a free copy of the printed magazine.