Thursday, April 11, 2013

Research Gems

You never know what you are going to find while doing research. I was skimming through old newspapers in a mostly fruitless attempt to find something else when I happened across the article below. I don't know if I will ever work it into a story, but I am definitely keeping it in my idea file. Note that the operation time was about 11,000 times shorter than the travel time.


PHILADELPHIA, June 25--(U.P.)--Three-year-old Kelvin Rogers of Boort, Australia, who traveled more than half way around the world to see a doctor, successfully underwent an operation today at Temple University Hospital for removal of a nail from his lung.

It required 53 days for the boy and his mother to make the 9000 mile voyage from Australia for the operation which lasted seven minutes. The nail was removed by Dr. Chevalier Jackson, who used his famous bronchoscope in the delicate operation.

The Columbus Citizen, 25 June 1936, p. 1, c. 1.