Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Twenty Titles

Whenever I can't think of something to write, or more often when I am avoiding working on my current WIP because I don't know what comes next, there is a certain exercise I like to do. I sit down with pen and paper and try to come up with as many interesting titles as I can. For most of these, I have only a title. I haven't the faintest idea what the story is about. On occasion, though, I have come up with a title I really love and batted it around until the story eventually revealed itself.

Here is my latest batch of titles. As far as I know, none of these have been used for books (checked on Amazon) but no guarantees. On the other hand, its not like the same titles don't get used again from time to time. If any of these titles speak to you, feel free to claim them. If not, I might get around to writing some of them one of these days.

Twenty Titles (some with annotations)

1. One Skull Short of a Thousand (I see this one as a thriller, but I don't write thrillers, so...)
2. Frequent Fireflyer
3. Hedgehog Salad (made FOR hedgehogs, not FROM them) (though, I suppose...)
4. The Missing Mountain
5. How to Sit on a Cactus
6. Porcupines and Beach Balls Don't Mix
7. Seventeen Shoes
8. I Swallowed an Alien
9. Laughing at Hyenas
10. My Imaginary Friend Hates Me (true story; sadly, it was mostly my fault)
11. The Rotten Apple Riot
12. The Broken Ocean
13. The Forgery Museum (I want to start one of these some day, think it would be cool)
14. The Biggest Pipsqueak in Town
15. Lemonade by Moonlight
16. The Dinosaur in My Closet
17. It's Only Breakfast, and I Have Cheese in My Pocket (I actually said this once, about 18 years ago - good times, good times)
18. Enthusiastic Blasphemy
19. The Deconstructor
20. Ostrich Orchestra

That's the 20. Now for some bonus titles.

Two I thought of, but which are already in use:

21. Baked Beans for Breakfast (1970)
22. Shards of Chaos (2012)

And two that popped into my mind, but which are not likely to ever be used for obvious reasons:

23. Hooway for Wodney Wombat
24. Fifty Shades of Puce

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