Friday, January 18, 2013

Mythic Scribes

I've been spending some time recently on a website called Mythic Scribes, an online community for fantasy writers. So far, I have been highly impressed by the quality of articles, both by members and guests. In addition, there is a very active set of forums covering a wide range of topics related to writing, and not all of it is just about fantasy. The community seems to be very supportive and welcoming, not only to its members but to newcomers, as well as guests just wandering through. No registration is required, but those who do want to sign up can do so for free and gain a few additional benefits, such as creating their own online portfolios.

A few weeks ago, the website also launched the first issue of an ezine called Myths Inscribed. The first issue is a little light, but the editors expect the publication to grow as more people find out about it and start submitting. I definitely like their policy to print only a few good stories rather than toss in everything just to make it look larger. They accept submissions from everyone, not just Mythic Scribes members (though of course with free membership, there is no huge reason not to join).

I have not done a lot of fantasy writing recently, but spending a few hours on the forums and reading the ezine have certainly brought it back to the forefront of my mind.

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